Access to Treatment

Access to Treatment – Support to make the new normal work for you.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on NHS and private provision of care will seemingly be felt for months, maybe years to come. The “perfect storm” of backlog of elective patients with postponed procedures with the emergence of a tranche of individuals with new needs combined with reconfigured NHS and private provision is on the horizon.

For those facing the “storm” and waiting for investigations or procedures this can be a confusing, frustrating, and anxious time. This is amplified where those symptoms may be indicative of something more serious in nature or are significantly impacting daily life. Questions are emerging about the return to normal for the NHS and how the arrangement with Private providers might be harnessed to work together to minimise the distress for those waiting.

As services start to transition into normal operations there is real concern that people will become even more susceptible to falling through the administrative net, resulting in longer wait times and the consequences that unfold – time off work, impact on family life, financial pressures etc.

For those individuals with Private Medical Insurance the lack of access to Private provision can feel incredibly frustrating. There will not seem to be a quick access to investigations or treatment while the current arrangement is in place. Many Private Hospitals are currently only operational on a part time basis with services focussed on providing treatment for individuals with cancer in a complementary arrangement with the NHS.

At Patient Advocate we are experts in navigating both NHS and Private provision and have a clear and strong focus on the emerging situation. Ensuring that we are ready to utilise our skills to access services as they transition into the new operational normal.

Patient Advocate is uniquely placed to support individuals to navigate through an increasingly complex system, maximising the agreement between Private provision and NHS Trusts to expediate appointments and procedures as far as possible. While, at the same time, providing a steady hand to hold through the journey. A guide to additional support, whatever form that takes, and the therapeutic advantage of human interaction.