Are we nearly there yet

Emerging, plan, the new norm, employer, employee, challenges

As the focus of attention moves towards emerging from the current Covid19 crisis, now is the time to ponder what challenges the “new normal” might bring for employers and employees. There can be no hard and fast timetable; that will be driven by the science and the risks of moving too fast, too soon.

What is important is that employers have a plan in place to manage their employees back to the

“new normal” and understand the needs of those who will have changed their lives either to work from home or been furloughed. The challenges people face will be immense both practically, psychologically and even physically.

At the heart of the matter is that no two employers or their employee community will be the same. The return to work will entail a different timetable for different groups of employees and within those groups there will be different timetables at an individua level. Personalised, health and wellbeing focused communications, along with commercial focus will be essential. That will bring with it another challenge. How best to communicate?

Hard pressed HR functions have done sterling work but their efforts have, in many instances, been impacted by an absence of reliable contact information be it email addresses or mobile numbers. Almost all will have a home address but the mail is not an efficient means to communicate nor is it sufficiently immediate enough when the landscape is moving so fast. Now is the time to gather the personal information needed so that employers are equipped to respond to the needs of the business and provide real support to employees.