Health Informatics

A Coalition of the Willing

Patient Advocate is leading the way to achieve massive, sustained healthcare outcomes improvement through next generation data analytics, and decision support. Our goal is to influence healthcare delivery, and health and wellbeing outcomes for employees, regardless if they are in an employer-sponsored private medical insurance scheme, a medical healthcare trust scheme, part-insured or uninsured.

Patient-Centred Managed Healthcare model encourages and supports Patient Engagement. Each person will participate in their connected health continuum of care – to be informed, engaged, empowered, partnered and supported. The specific impact on an individual’s health and wellbeing outcomes will contribute to employee population health improvements across the whole of the UK.

Unleashing corporate healthcare data, learning from it, and implementing against those learnings can lower the cost of employee/employer healthcare while increasing the total benefits value for employees. This information can also be used to support an organisation’s decision to move from a fully insured/unmanaged organisation to a self-insured/fully managed proposition. The possibility of reducing healthcare spend by more than 20%, while increasing the offered benefit in real and significant ways is another by-product of evidence-based health informatics.

Patient Advocate’s Health Informatics data gathering and analysis can help an organisation start its move to a self-insured organisation by aggregating employee health data in a formal and governable way. With this data, even the most basic analysis work (such as comparing various slices of the data on a per-member-per-month cost basis, both to historical performance and national benchmarks) will drive real insights into areas of improvement.