Case Studies

Case Study | Patient Advocate expedites a patient’s appointment saving an 11 week wait

A Patient was referred to Patient Advocate in 2014. This patient had a referral from their GP for a neurophysiology appointment for their ophthalmology condition. Patient A was under the impression that their GP had made an urgent referral, and they would be given an appointment within 2 weeks. Patient Advocate identified that this patient’s referral was marked as routine and therefore the waiting time for this appointment would be 13 weeks.

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Case Study | Written consent obtained for Patient Advocate to co-ordinate and intervene in patient’s treatment pathway to support a cohesive, uninterrupted, collaborative approach to minimise any delay in their care

Patient B was referred to Patient Advocate in 2015. They had previously been diagnosed four and a half years earlier with Breast Cancer and had bilateral mastectomy followed by chemotherapy at that time and was thought to be in remission. In June of 2014 this patient was found to have a nodule in their left lung which measured 4mm and was monitored for a further six months for signs of growth and change. In March of 2015 the nodule was found to have grown by 5mm and Patient B underwent...

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