Working collaboratively with all organisations and healthcare providers.

Creating a valuable bridge between the NHS and private health provision.

Giving employees greater healthcare choices.

Providing significant and measurable health benefits and cost savings.

What We Do

Simple and affordable solutions for organisations and individuals offering guidance and support to those needing help with a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan from their GP, Specialist Consultant and other health service providers, across all levels of care.

Our nurse-led case management and support services provide hands-on case management and treatment facilitation, complementing the NHS and GP resources.

Who We Are

Patient Advocate’s pioneering corporate, insured, and non-insured healthcare benefit solutions are credible and sustainable alternatives to traditional private medical insurance (PMI).

Our innovative approach incorporates the proven model of person-centred managed healthcare for an organisation’s employee or member population, providing a dynamic and rapidly expanding solution, to the ever-increasing challenges faced by the UK’s private medical sector and the NHS.

We work collaboratively with all organisations and healthcare providers, to create a valuable bridge between public, private health programs and services, giving individuals greater healthcare choices, while also providing significant and measurable improved health benefits, and cost savings.

With technology at the forefront, from apps to helpline, we are here to help people better understand and manage their health choices.

Our Team