A view from the frontline

Our qualified nurses take calls every day from employees looking for help, advice, or even just looking for someone to listen to them. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to ease someone’s mind, help them on the right path and get them up to speed on what to do next. Other times, it can be weeks and months guiding and helping them through their own personal care pathway.

One of our team tells us of just one example of how the Patient Advocate nurse helpline and case management service has helped one employee get the very best treatment.

“The employee called with concerns regarding their health condition. Using private consultants through the Extra Care service, we were able to quickly arrange the initial consultation and diagnostic checks, followed by a second appointment to review the diagnosis.

It then became clear that the NHS was the best place to have the treatment, so we swapped paths from private to NHS, and they finished their treatment over the next 3-4 months, getting back to work quickly and healthily.

In our review, we showed a saving of over £2,000 and treatment was completed 16 weeks quicker. And most importantly, the patient was happy and well.”

Patient Advocate case manager arranged initial consultation, diagnostics and follow up review seen for review following diagnostics – all arranged privately via extra care within 1 month. Then transferred via care to NHS and placed on waiting list and had NHS treatment 15 weeks following later (due to NHS protocol of a consultation arrangement for review & consenting prior to procedure).

Patient was happy with outcome and cost savings calculated were £2,010 and time savings noted as approx. 16 weeks.

“The patient told us that they had a 16-18 week wait for an orthopedic opinion through the NHS. The patient was willing to self-pay for an initial private consultation as they wanted to use a particular private hospital. However, using the e-Referral scheme, we were able to get her an appointment at her preferred hospital within 3 weeks through the NHS, with surgery within 10 weeks. The patient was able to use the same hospital and consultant team, saved over £200 for the initial consultation, while reducing their wait time. A good result, with a much-shortened time off work, and a successful outcome.”

Patient received appt notification for orthopedic opinion for 16-18 week wait on NHS at the point of referral to Patient Advocate. Patient Advocate case manager advised e-referral to check waiting list in preferred hospital which was a private hospital as patient was prepared to self pay £200 for initial private consultation in the hopes of expediting access to treatment on the NHS.

But we found her preferred (private) hospital for 2-3 week wait for consultation and 10 week surgery wait all within the NHS so we booked with a consultant at that hospital as they delivered services at this private hospital on behalf of NHS within a sooner timeframe. This saved patient costs of £200 for initial consult which she was willing to pay for to expedite overall wait so we achieved both time and cost savings.