Our vision

Patient Advocate believes that regardless of whether employees are part of an employer sponsored programme, or not part of any programme, swift access to quality health and welfare services is essential to a healthy and well employee population capable of working at their best.

Patient Advocate’s unique technology platform,'Patient Navigator', captures data, activity, measures outcomes and brings them all under one umbrella to provide integrated services, as well as high level executive summary reports to clients.

·  Supports all employees with the modern health and welfare issues,     both in and out of work

·   Joins up all health and welfare services available, opening up     clinical pathways to people

·  Proven 20% to 40%reduction in “Healthcare Trust” costs

·  Reduction in absence

·  Increased resilience and a sustainable return to work

·  Effective management referrals, providing clarity on all health and    welfare issues

·  Person centred care

·  Increase employee engagement

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I'm an employee

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Patient Advocate offers simple and affordable solutions for organisations and individuals, offering guidance and support.
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