Give your employees all they need

Give your employees all they need to be informed and empowered about their health and welfare.

With technology at the forefront combined with a human touch, from apps to helpline, we are here to help people better understand and manage their health choices and concerns through informed, friendly advice and guidance.

Simple, safe, secure, complete, in real time, always on hand.

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Simple and affordable solutions for organisations and their employees. Offering guidance and support to those needing help with a diagnosis and treatment from their GP, Specialist Consultant and other health and welfare providers, across all levels of care.
What we do

For Employers

We understand modern healthcare and HR needs. As an employer, and as an individual.

Services for Employers
  • Working with you to help your employees and the business
  • Addressing the modern HR agenda and issues
  • Re-defining employee health delivery and management
  • Delivering solutions to address your needs and concerns
  • Focus on resilient and sustainable return to work
  • An evidence-based return on your employee investment

For Employees

We understand employee healthcare and welfare.

Services for Employees
  • Delivering a tangible return on investment
  • Returning your employees back to work quicker
  • Helping you make informed decisions for your employees
  • Delivering person centred managed healthcare

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How Patient Advocate can redefine and deliver services to support the modern health and welfare agenda

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Patient Advocate offers simple and affordable solutions for organisations and individuals, offering guidance and support.
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