The return to work and the new norm is presenting employers with increasing questions and concerns from their employees.

Patient Advocate now provides a dedicated nurse helpline and online tool for employees and their families. Employers can now communicate, track and analyse, in real-time – all on one tool.

We need to help our NHS in every way – your company can help them, help your employees and help yourselves during this period, and beyond.

Give your staff all they need

Give your staff all they need to be informed and empowered about Coronavirus on their mobile devices and desktops.

Access to our helpline, staffed with nurses qualified to help your people with any health concerns through informed, friendly advice and guidance.

Simple, safe, secure, complete, in real time, always on hand.

Our values make the difference

We are dedicated to delivering world-class services underpinned by our commitment to a culture of…

  • Integrity, impartiality, objectivity.
  • Building and sustaining future value.
  • Knowledge sharing and creating collaborative successes.